Parents and Students:


Date: 4/25/08


My Grandson attended Einstein Academy (formerly Einstein Learning Center) in the 7th and 8th grades.  He has ADD, and was falling behind in the public school system.  He was very successful during these two years and has successfully re-entered public school for the 9th grade.  We are very thankful for the extra help he received by attending Einstein during his middle school years.


Pat Storay


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Date: 10/27/08
Imagine our excitement when we found a middle school to fit our child's learning style!  The teaching methods used at Einstein are exactly what our daughter needs in order to succeed in these middle school years.  Rather than changing classes several times a day, she is able to remain in the same classroom.  The consistency of remaining in one area combined with the reduction of stress in finding and arriving at different classes on time have greatly contributed to her success.  Instead of processing what is taught from the front of a classroom, our child is able to sit with the teacher on a 1:1 basis.  In doing so, our child's teacher is able to know immediately if she is struggling with a particular concept.  Struggles are dealt with privately as each child may be on different levels.  A sense of dignity prevails.
We love the way each school day begins with a 45 minute session of physical education.  In this manner, the students are able to wake up their brains by exercising.  Thank you, Einstein, for providing this amazing school right here in our hometown of Greenville, South Carolina.
Gena and Corbin Haskell

Date: 12/5/08

My son went to Einstein for the 8th grade. Prior to this, he was failing in public middle school and given a 50/50 chance of passing the South Carolina Exit Exam. He has a severe central auditory processing disorder and ADHD which further inhibits his learning. He was held back in the third grade and was either in self-contained classrooms or private schools for most of his elementary school years. At Einstein Academy, he actually began to believe that he could learn. But the biggest noticeable difference was his writing. When he first arrived there,  he could not write a logical sentence. His paragraphs had totally unrelated thoughts. By the time he graduated from Einstein, he was writing very cohesive and entertaining short stories.

In addition to his learning issues, my son had some annoying habits such as a high-pitched laugh, constant tapping, and sometimes playing too rough with others. These habits were addressed and almost eliminated while he was there.  

When I tried to volunteer at my son’s public school, I didn’t always feel welcome. Here at Einstein Academy, you are expected to be a part of the school, making decisions about how the school is run and the best ways to teach your child. Other than home-schooling, I can’t imagine another situation where a parent would have so much say about a child’s education. I have also made life-long friends with many of the other parents at the school. 

My son graduated from Einstein Academy and went to Greenville Tech Charter High School. He is currently a junior there - where passing requires a grade of 80 or better. He has only one resource class as an accommodation.  He plays on the varsity basketball team, has close friends and even a girlfriend.

But the most important thing about my son now is that he truly believes that he can and will go to college. We thank Einstein Academy for helping him turn that corner.



Mary Ann Bennett